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Name: Lisa
Age: 21
Location: Germany

Loves: Music, Drawing, , Unusual Things, Crazy Girls, Reading, Tokyo ( I´ve spend my holidays there and felt in love), Fashion, Bags, Shoes, LizLisa, H & M (I´m working there), History, Summer, Winter, Art, Photography, Decorating My Room, Oldschool Things, Movies, My Friends, Candy, London, New York, Venice, Snow, Nature, Coffee, Perfume, Hime-Gyaru...

Anime/Manga:   Well I think our Anime/Manga Scene is quite strange and some cosplayer and fans made me hate it in some ways... but there are still some series I like: Ponyo, Orange Planet, Bleach, Naruto and a lot of Shoujo Manga

Books: The Pilo Family Circus, The Joker, Twilight (but I´m NOT obsessed with it), Endymion Spring, Inkheart, House of Skirl, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Jekyll and Hyde...

Movies: The Dark Knight, Jumper, No Country For Old Men, Manhattan, One Night on Earth, Lost In Translation
TV: JEKYLL (BBC Series), Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I know it´s trashy, but I loooove Spike so much XD), Supernatural, Sex and the City, Two And A Half Men...

Music: Lady Gaga, Vanessa Paradis, Ayo, Ayu , Kalafina, Fiction Junction Yuuka, Hyori Lee, BoA, Muse, Linkin Park, Big Bang, Tohoshinki, Jordyn Taylor, Adrienne Bailon, Christina Aguilera

Fav. Actor/Actress:
Scarlett Johannson, James Nesbitt, Heath Ledger (not since he´s dead -_- I like him since I´ve seen "A Knight´s Tale"), Paul Bettany, Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Catherine Zeta- Jones, Aaron Eckhart, Keanu Reeves, Javier Bardem, Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller

Hates: Ignorant , arrogant people oder people who exploid others

Age: around my age
Location: USA, England, Australia, France? ° _° If you´re not, it´s okay.

I like people who think positively °_° (And sry for my bad english? T _T;;;; I try my best.... )

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