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Penpals ne?

 Heyy!! ^^.

Name: Izzy
Age: 14
Birthday: 30th December
Starsign: Capricorn
Location: England
Languages: English and basic german.

Music, Anime, Manga, Friends, Outside, Holidays, Books, Art, Fashion, Cute things, Animals, Food, Visiting places, The Japanese language, My phone and the internet, Kawaii notes, Playing guitar.

Naruto, Dragonball Z, Ouran High School Host Club, Tokyo mew mew, Uta Kata, Death Note, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. 

Alice Nine, Arashi, Ayabie, Danger Gang, Flow, Gackt, Gazette, Kagrra, KAT-TUN, LM.C, Malice Mizer, Mini Moni, Miyavi, Perfume, Sug, Takeru Sato.
Most English bands.
Some dance. (not alot)

I like Decora, Oshare Kei and anything that makes me look young and girly. Cute and Lacey, Pretty and glittery. I seem to know what I want to dress like but just havent got round to saving up and buying the things I need *sigh*

What I would like from a pen pal:
Any age up to like 16-17. 
Female :D 
Anyone will a few same interests as me, for convosational purposes.
Someone willing to send small notes, postcards and long letters. Someone who is actually interested in making this long term thing.
I would also like it to devolp in sending small gifts, like small make-up peices, sweets, anything kawaii we think each other would like! :D 

My address is Issyz99@hotmail.com,
If your interested please comment this post and email me about yourself.
Thanks...I will reply to everyone even if you down fit the critiria. :D

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