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Name: Jessica [please call me Jess]
Age: 15 [16 in August]
Gender: Female
Location: Florida, USA
Ethnic: Native American, Irish, Scottish, German, Dutch

Looks:I have natrually DARK brown hair, Light brown eyes about 5'6 - a few extra pounds - Hair color is dyed to ginger/orange

J'adore: I love many things most of them are; glitter, reading, writing, acting. dancing, walking outside, Fan Fic!, Video Games, Spending time with friends, Quizilla, Internet, Livejournal, Myspace, dreaming. Now time to go into detail.. I friggin love Japanese fashion and the whole culture it'self. Sometime i wish i was asian and maybe then i'd be a step closer to the culture. Many people tell me the native americans came from asia but apprently that doesn't count now in history -.-'. Im a huge Music whore and im probably the type of girl who listen's to bands nobody has even heard of. I also enjoy photography even though my camera isn't that well with it. I love to go downtown with my mother and we take pictures of the buildings; then we go for starbucks. Im a anime/video game nerd however i dont the patience and outgoing-ness to go out and cosplay. Hmm i like many things and this isn't half of it.

No J'adore: I despise overly obessed fan girls who are so obessed they run away just to go find there 'idol'; true story some chick ran away to go find Tokio Hote -snickers-. I HATE Tom/Bill fan fic.. it's seriously gross; inmagine someone writing fan fic about you/sibiling or you/parents it's just the same and disgusting. If you write it.. hey whatever man but don't expect me to read it. I hate spiders always will along with sharks. Hate it when skinny girls say there fat or ugly -..- People who steal my ideals >_<! very irratating then the wankers don't even bother to credit me! Fake people, Scene chicks who say there not 'scene'. Posers posing to not be posers. Liars. Fakes. Ect

Musical tastes: I like all sort's of music and my friends and parent's say i have the gift of music taste; I love Classical, Celtic, J-pop, J-rock, J-hip hop. Screamo, Indie, Pop, Rock, Punk, Video game soundtracks, ect anything except Gospel, and rap. rap is not talent just rhyming and i don't care what anybody says. Here are a few bands i like: The Hush Sound, Tokio Hotel, Within Temptation, Gazette, FS island, Eisley, Bill Idol, Miranda Sex Garden, Rasputina, Dead Can Dance, Sarah Brightman, Perfume, ect

Movies: Ect I like all sorts of movies im a gore whore :D; Moulin rouge, Kill Bill, Juno, white Orelander, Charlie Bartlette, Grindhouse, Sound of music, Phantom of the opera, and much more

Books: Vampire Chronciles Series by Anne Rick, Harry Potter Series by J.K, White Orelander, Thicker Than Water, Chick Soup,ect

Anime/Manga: Full Metal Alchemist,  Ghost In The Shell, Ero Proxy, Inuyasha, My Absoulute boyfriend, Princess Yai {or was it Ai}, Blood Trinity, Samaurai Champloo, and much more

Fun Facts: I use to do Ballet/Pointe/Jazz, i terribly miss it and wish to go back. I believe in love

Le PenPal Requirement's

Age: Hmm 15-18 I don't mind any age really though.

Gender: Any
Anything Else? No, not really.. Just anyone who can relate with me and they live outside of USA; However you can still live in the usa as well.

Contact:  I will do email/letters - Comment me for information ^.^.

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