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Name: Jackie
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Location: Georgia, USA

Things I love/like: Music. Cosmestics. Haute Couture. Learning Languages. Randomness. Texting. Interwebs. MSN. Collecting Sexy Pictures. MONEY. Fashion Runway. Sewing. Scrapbooking. Crafts. Detailing. Beading. Making Thangs. Cooking(?). Watching People o.o. Making Jokes. Sarcasm. Silliness. Old/New/Black and White/Child/Everything in between Movies. Pirates. Halloween Characters. Dark Humor. Traveling. Spacing Out.HOST CLUBS. HOST CULTURE. Studying Languages. Linguistics. Tutoring. Teaching. Making People Laugh. Stationary. TV D: Flashy People. Manners :)

Things I hate/dislike: ELITES. Closeminded People. Arrogant. Liars. I don't mind mean people, but I hate RUDE people. 

Musical tastes: I like at least something from every genre, I also LOVE getting, hearing new music. :D
I likes Solja Boi (wut D:??!), Dir En Grey, Rentrer En Soi, Deadman (D: *sigh*), Nightmare, 23Lolitaku, Merri, MUCC, D'Ray, ZONE, Mini Moni, Johnny Cash, Ciara, Vampire Weekend, Buck-Tick,Metromony, Metronome, Polysics, Tsushimamire, Captins, Emeralds, Melt Banana, BLEACH 03, Norma Jean, Fall of Troy, Devil Wears Prada, Emory, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Lil' Mama, AGE-OF-EP, Benny Benassi, Basement Jaxx, YELLE, Wir Sind Helden, Chris Brown, Birdman, Britney Spears (lol wut?),NE-YO, Kozi, Eve Of Destiny, Kanye West, Lynch, Deadman, LuLu, Missy Elliot, The Piass, SADS, Kiyoharu, Kuroyume, Chevelle, UnsraW, Hide, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk

Movies: Atonement, Green Mile, MONSTER, Forrest Gump, Nobody's Home, Kamikaze Girls, Lawrence of Arabia, Aladdin, Finding Nemo, Pan's Labryrinth, Vertigo, Star Wars, The Sound of Music,Armitage, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Wizard of Oz[white and black version], E.T., Psycho, Schindler's List, and muchmuch more
Books: Hmm too many...Lolita, all the books Chuck Palanuik wrote exspecially Survivor, Monster, Choke, and Fight Club :D, Menoch the Devil is my favorite book, I'm reading it for the 5th time.

Anime/Manga: x.x... I don't like Anime...I only watch the anime movies that Hayao Miyazaki now. But I also like Akira, Ghost In A Shell..AND THUNDERCATS :D I don't read manga unless it's in Japanese to study my kanji. So I enjoy reading D Grey Man X3 I have yet to watch/read Naruto, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, and Death Note[Well I watched the first movie]

Fun Facts: I was born in Hawaii and grew up moving to place from Texas, Kentucky, and even Korea for a few years. I have traveled to Germany, France, Austrailia, and Japan. I'm a halfie :D. I can speak English *Yay!* and I've been studying Japanese for 3 years. I have a part time job tutoring Japanese for competitions at my old high school and homework help as a teacher/student aid. I want to be able to speak 5 language fluently when I grow up. So far I'm starting on weekly 1 on 1 tutoring with my Mandarin and planning to go to Taiwan for a special culture school. I also do a lot of craft and sewing projects and going to collaberate with my friend to design her lingerie line :D So please be kind and buy some panties! I also love makeup, but I'm procrastinating on making a porfolio to show to makeup counters. I love dying my hair and I finally grown from my red stage and now I'm in the blonde stage.

What to expect in your mailbox: Expect a Technicolor raindow. I handmake everything. The stationary, the presents *unless you ask for a specific product*, even the package will be detailed if I have the time. I write long letters and sometimes write Japanese with the English translation of course. I send handmade crafts, mix cd of songs I love, and random photos that I took during the time I made your package. =]


Age: I'm not very picky as long as its not someone I could see on Dateline:How to Catch a Sex Predator

Gender: Either

Anything Else? I want penpals anywhere! =] But if you're from Germany I would love to be your penpal because I'm half german and next time I go to Germany I want to hang out with more people! Also, I'm going to Taiwan to learn Chinese in the summer so if I found a friend there before I went there, we can hang out after classes!

Contact:  I'd like to start writing email/messanger first to get to know you better/then phone/then penpal plz. write to >> or message me on LJ or ...comment :D

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