send me flowers to the moon. (gothania) wrote in fruitsypenpals,
send me flowers to the moon.

Female, 19, Strawberry addicted.


Under the cut: Name, Hobby, habits & etc..

Name Go.Chan
Age 19 years old. deeply enough.
Birthdate April/15/1988
Location Europe
Interests photography, drawing, being lost in reverie, trying to lean new words, humming, cute things I can be thrilled about, watching the sky flow, listening to the rain and eating strawberries. I also like to meet friends, to be creative, to tell jokes and to play boardgames. I'm soon into penandpaper games, but I'm not quite sure if that's a hobby of me.
Things you swap / Things you collect everything related to strawberries & cuteness. But a penpal is worth it's friendship, not how many things he/she can cram into a letter.
Other artsy crafty things you're into What a silly question. Mostly photography, as already told. I also love to make collages or to draw something which looks a bit Manga like THUS i already made voodoo dolls for my friends! hehe. Be careful what you say to me. =P
Languages you speak or are learning English & Frensh. Oh, and some German, I guess. & I can try to remember some swedish, japanese & chinese phrases by heart. But I'm not sure about that.
Age you want your penpals to be 14 - 173947299 years old. please do not be over 173947300. That's ridiculous.
Gender you want your penpals to be I prefer alien beings. Ha. But you can be female or male human as well, I'm generous.
Countries you want or don't want your penpals to be from I do only accept people from Fiji, you know. (That is a enormous bad joke.) Doesnt matter to me.
Any other interesting penpalish tidbits you want people to know I'm used to have a very strange handwriting, and to act rather creative sometimes. I would be glad if you're a bit like that too! (^______^)/`******<33333/// <- that's another odd thing of me. SMILEYS. please ignore them.

IF YOU would like to be my penpal (yes, this will cheer me up!) comment HERE or write an email to:

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