March 4th, 2009

Teniya Marie

Name: Teniya Marie [ten-ee-yuh]
Age: sixteen as of october fifteenth
Gender: very female
Location: florida, united states
School: high school; i go to school on the phone because of my horrible schedule
Occupation: 2005 i started recording with Willins Records. that same year i opened my photography company and started booking hair appointments. i've written songs for multiple artists including "Rescue Signals", "Her Name Was Calling", and have collabed with "Nicoletta". My lyrics have been covered or STOLEN by "New Years Day", "Nicole-Is", and "EMERGENCY BREATHING". I've done over two-hundred photoshoots and am about to release my first photobook featuring my best friend (model SammySuicide). I've done hair and make-up for multiple music videos and short films such as "The Long Road Home", and the upcoming student film "The Roomate". November 2008, I started recording my debut album and March 20, i will release my first single in japanese called "CRYING" which will be the ending theme to an anime "MagiGirl". MagiGirl is based on a manga written by me with artwork by Lucas Montana and is animated by KLOKS STUDIOS independantly. In Fall of 2009; I have a reality series premiering starring myself and SammySuicide; as a follow up of my old series "Chalk Horror" which starred myself and my ex-best friend Helena Havoc while we were recording our EP.
Hobbies: i love to write! if i wasn't doing the whole 'career" thing, I would just write for days! i still have the dream in the back of my head to release a novel. i just need a cool little pen-name like Eiri Yuki! I also enjoy reading; and I think books are small wonders and treasures. I'm obssesive over Janet Fitch and Shel Silverstein. Recently, I've started reading "Empress" and I can't put it down!
Movies: i love gore, and horror. I'm a sucker for a good musical too! RENT and REPO: the gentic opera have captured my heart. I also love zombie films and have an ever growing collections of romero movies. Lately, I've been watching "Fido" a lot. Seth Rogan and Michael Cera are heroes of mine. I also love a good drama; but not a lot of romance unless it's from asia! They can do it to perfection! I HATE remakes of asian movies, too! Jessica Alba in The Eye made me cry because I was so mad.... They should leave the perfection alone...
Music: I'm a geeky little girl. haha. I think it shows on my music collection. I listen to everything. I mean, everything. Rap, Country, Rock, Metal, Pop, even Disco from the 70's. I've listened to The veronicas and Koda Kumi a lot the past few days.
Random Facts: I'm right handed, and really doting to my friends. I chew gum on the left side of my mouth; and I hate strong mint flavors. I wish to go see Japan again; I got to go for a photoshoot in '06 but I love it even more now! I have a growing obsession for Hello Kitty and Tare Panda....   I need more manga; I only have two issues of Fruits Baskets and volume two of LIFE. I curse a lot, unless I'm dressed lolita for a photoshoot. I fell in love with the asian culture after the music found it's way to my heart. I AM A GEEK!
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